3D Kenya


URLs for data ingest and download
Instrument: Kenya_GLOBE_07 (id: 7)
Although this example is for a specific instrument, the syntax is common to all of them. instrument_id specifies the instrument. For putting data, there is a list of variable short names with their corresponding measurement value. All of the qualifiers (i.e. the fields following "?" and "") are order independent.

Action URL format Qualifiers Example
Put data at, key, test http://3d-kenya.chordsrt.com/measurements/url_create?instrument_id=7&t1=HTU21D_T&rh1=HTU21D_RH&msl1=BMP180_SLP&sp1=BMP180_SP&t2=BMP180_T&t3=MCP9808&ws=windspeed&wd=winddirection&rain=precipitation&vis1=SI1145_VIS&ir1=SI1145_IR&uv1=UV1145_UV&at=2015-08-20T19:50:28&key=KeyValue&test
Fetch a CSV file .csv start, end, last http://3d-kenya.chordsrt.com/instruments/7.csv?start=2015-08-01T00:30&end=2015-08-20T12:30
Fetch a JSON file .jsf start, end, last http://3d-kenya.chordsrt.com/instruments/7.jsf
Fetch JSON .json start, end, last http://3d-kenya.chordsrt.com/instruments/7.json?last
at= time A time to assign to the measurement. If not present, the measurement will be time stamped with the time that it was received by the portal.
key= key An optional validation key. It is required if "Require the security key in order to submit a measurement" is checked in the configuration. The key value is also specified in the configuration.
test If present, this measurement will be marked as a test value. Test values can be deleted from the database using the "Delete Test Button" on the instrument page.
start= time A start time for the returned measurements.
end= time An end time for the returned measurements.
last Return all measurements for the most recent measurement time stamp.